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Massachusetts child custody modification is possible

Much of the time, the biggest concern for most divorcing parents is their children. Unfortunately, sometimes custody battles don’t always work out as planned, and for whatever reason, one parent may not end up with the Massachusetts child custody arrangement he or she had hoped for. When this happens, it can be upsetting, heart-wrenching and agonizing.

One thing it doesn’t necessarily have to be, though, is permanent. While winning back custody or having a court decision reversed can be difficult and time-consuming, with the knowledgeable support of a family law attorney, it’s definitely possible. The first step to consider is to try to figure out what went wrong, such as whether, perhaps, a court order was violated or if there were false allegations of neglect or abuse. Once an individual has some idea of why he or she lost custody in the first place, the issue can be addressed.

Sometimes, reinstatement of shared child custody depends upon contingencies like attending parenting classes or seeking counseling. After an individual has taken steps toward implementing these stipulations, a lawyer can help request an in-home custody evaluation. It can prove crucial during this time to be conscientious of all court requests, to attend hearings and to avoid rescheduling appointments, to demonstrate eagerness and responsibility.

While difficult, individuals may wish to strive for patience while awaiting the court’s re-evaluation of the child custody arrangement, and to avoid doing anything that might exacerbate the situation or cause contention. Of course, during this time, the parent is free — and encouraged — to fully exercise his or her rights to parenting time and visitation. With the aid of an experienced Massachusetts family law attorney, a modification in child custody arrangements doesn’t have to be an impossible fight.

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