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Initiative to educate on child support modification, enforcement

Across the nation, August is Child Support Awareness month. This national initiative was started to help inform divorced parents in Massachusetts and across the nation of the importance of child support and the ways it benefits children. The program hopes to educate parents on issues from modification to enforcement to available resources and more, hopefully for the good of everyone.

Studies have demonstrated conclusively that children do best when all family members work together to meet their needs. When both mom and dad try to cooperate to provide for the children’s needs, both emotional and physical, children feel more secure. This is especially true in cases where the family structure has undergone a change in dynamics due to divorce.

Child support payments can, at times, be an emotional minefield, rife with contention on both sides. Sometimes, parents who are receiving payments feel that they are not getting enough financially to adequately meet their growing children’s needs, or perhaps they’re not regularly receiving the payments they need in the first place. In other cases, the parent who is paying the child support may believe that the money is being used for expenses other than to provide for the child. Sponsors of Child Support Awareness Month are fighting to support parents on either side of the equation and, through education, combat misunderstandings and mistaken beliefs surrounding these issues.

When necessary, a Massachusetts family law attorney can also provide legal help in cases where either modification or enforcement is necessary. Modification – alterations to child support payment amounts – can usually be considered when circumstances change in regards to things like income or the child’s medical expenses, for example. An experienced lawyer can also help with enforcement of child support orders when necessary. Whatever the issue, there are professional resources available to help caring divorced parents on either side of the child support equation.

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