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Strategies like guilt-free visitation may mean a happier divorce

There’s no doubt about it: divorce can be a confusing and stressful time for children. In fact, for many Massachusetts spouses, worrying about how ending their marriage will affect their children may be their biggest divorce concern. The good news is, though, that from guilt-free visitation to counseling, there are strategies to help children cope with divorce that can make the entire process smoother for everyone involved.

One of the most helpful ways to begin is if both parents can sit down with their children and discuss the divorce as clearly and calmly as possible. Parents may also wish to take this opportunity to reassure the children that the divorce is in no way their fault, as it is not uncommon for children to fear that their behavior in some way contributed to the divorce. If parents believe this is likely to be the case, this might be a good time to enroll the children in counseling, as a therapist can help them work through this difficult time.

This is a common time for children to regress or act out their confusion and emotional upset through poor behavior, and counseling may prove beneficial with this as well. To keep this emotional turmoil to a minimum, parents will likely find it helpful to avoiding fighting with their ex-spouse in front of the children if possible. Allowing guilt-free visitation can be extremely important as well, as studies have shown the value of children spending time with both parents.

While some parents choose to remain married for the sake of their children, this often proves detrimental due to the emotional stress an unhappy marriage can cause. Thankfully, with a variety of coping strategies and the help of an attorney with experience in family law cases, divorce may prove the first step toward a better future for unhappy families. Any Massachusetts couples who are concerned with issues involving visitation, child custody or other aspects of their divorce may benefit from the legal counsel of an experienced divorce lawyer.

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