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Preparing for a divorce in Massachusetts

Considering a separation or divorce is an emotional time for anyone. However, when planning for divorce and preparing to find a Massachusetts lawyer, individuals might find it beneficial to try to detach themselves as much as possible emotionally and concentrate on the practical matters at hand. Any decisions during the process can and will affect all parties involved for the rest of their lives, so it may help to try to remain focused on facts, details and goals.

The first thing for individuals to consider when preparing to speak to a lawyer is what they are, first and foremost, trying to achieve, and then make a list of the importance of these goals in decreasing order. While doing so, a practical approach might be to keep in mind any possible goals they believe their spouse might have as well, as this could come up during divorce proceedings. Another useful item to have prepared is a concise but encompassing summary of important dates and details from the marriage, including major illnesses or disabilities, jobs and any significant non-financial contributions.

A current and comprehensive budget can be important as well. Included in this might be relevant checking account deposits and withdrawals, as well as a record of both monthly and annual or semi-annual expenses. In this outline, individuals might also want to consider listing employment benefits for both spouses, including various insurances, pensions and retirement plans. Assets such as stocks or even insurance policies for vehicles and homes can be listed here as well.

Planning for legal separation can feel overwhelming and time-consuming, but thorough preparation can be a key factor in efficient divorce proceedings. Individuals in Massachusetts usually find the counsel of a divorce attorney with experience in family law beneficial during this time. The attorney can guide the individual through the entire procedure as smoothly and straightforwardly as possible, with focused legal guidance throughout.

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