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There are many reasons why couples file for divorce

There are various reasons as to why couples in Massachusetts and elsewhere may choose to end their marriages. At the end of the day, why any one couple would choose to divorce is a very personal decision. However, according to a recent study, there is a list of reasons as to why couples dissolve their marriages, and this list rarely seems to change.

There are those who still believe that the divorce rate in the United States is still hovering around 50 percent. Nearly 800,000 couples file for marriage dissolution every year. This number is always changing, but for the most part it is still considered relatively high.

Divorce rates were at an all time high in the 1980s and 1990s. A survey of adults who divorced during those two decades found that the some of top reasons the marriages ended included infidelity, drug and/or alcohol abuse, incompatibility, lack of communication and personality issues. All of these and many other marital problems are still issues today and are still behind numerous divorces.

For some couples, there may be one big thing that occurs that causes their marriages to fail. For others, it may be a list of things that have added up over time, causing the relationships to break down. No matter the reason, when ready to file for divorce, couples in Massachusetts can seek legal assistance to help throughout the process. While it may be challenging to get through, with legal counsel by one’s side, it is possible for each party to walk away from the marriage with a fair and balanced settlement.

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