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Child custody dispute results in criminal charges

A grandmother, mother and several of their family and friends were recently arrested following a custody dispute. These individuals have been accused of interfering with a child custody order after they took a young girl from her father. While this case occurred in another state, it is a situation that could easily occur in Massachusetts.

It was recently reported that an 11-year-old girl was allegedly abducted from her home by her grandmother, mother and a few other individuals. The child was with her father, in their home, when several people entered the home and took the girl. She was placed in a vehicle and the driver quickly sped away. The father, who has sole physical custody of the child, was able to give a description of the car to authorities and name the child’s grandmother and mother as some of its occupants.

The vehicle in question was quickly located, the child was returned and those involved in this incident were arrested. In total, five individuals are facing charges for interfering with custody orders. No further information about this case has been released.

Child custody arrangements can be a big source of contention between parents and other family members. Those in Massachusetts and elsewhere who are not happy with current custody agreements may have legal options available to them in order to get the orders changed. By seeking modifications through legal means, with the assistance of a family law attorney, parents and other family members will have the ability to express any concerns and seek out new arrangements that they feel will serve the best interests of the affected children.

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