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Divorce rates are higher after winter and summer vacations

It seems that there are specific times of year during which the rates of certain things happening tend to increase. Divorce rates, for example, are believed to be higher after winter and summer vacations. While couples in Massachusetts and elsewhere can file to dissolve their marriages at any time, it is still interesting to look at why certain months see higher filing rates than others.

A study from Washington University found that divorce rates tend to be higher in March and August. To be honest, the March findings are not really anything new. Numerous couples choose to file after the New Year when all the major family holidays are done and, for those who have children, before summer vacations begin. It offers a fresh start in a sense.

The increase in filings again in August is kind of new; however, it does make sense. Again, many families schedule summer vacations that they do not want to interrupt or use the time to try to repair any unresolved issues. There are also parents who simply want to keep home life as normal as possible while children are not in school. According to the study, couples tend to file in August because, by this time, they have determined that their marriages are beyond repair, children — if applicable — are going back to school and taking actions before the next round of holidays is desired.

No matter the time of year, going through the divorce process is challenging. Couples in Massachusetts who are ready to take this step do not need to go through it all alone. With legal support, divorcing couples can take the appropriate steps to finalizing these proceedings in ways that are best for their current and future familial circumstances.

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