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Child custody needs are different for every family

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to custody situations. Every family has unique needs that will have to be addressed when determining or modifying child custody orders. For this reason, parents in Massachusetts have several options available to them when figuring out custody arrangements that will be in their best interests.

Recently a woman came forward to share her story about dealing with child custody. In the beginning, she felt that her receiving full custody of her two daughters would be best for everyone, so that is what she was granted. Later, though, her circumstances changed and she realized she needed the children’s father to take on a more active role. Eventually, she agreed to modify the custody order, allowing for a shared parenting arrangement.

In Massachusetts, parents can seek full custody with visitation schedules or shared custody of their children. Specific arrangements can be negotiated depending on the needs of the family. If the original custody agreement fails to continue meeting the needs of the family down the line, as in this woman’s case, parents are granted the right to seek modifications as necessary.

Determining what is best when it comes to child custody cases can be a tricky thing. The needs of the affected children and the wants and availabilities of the parents all come into play in these situations. With legal assistance, parents in Massachusetts can negotiate custody arrangements that meet their family’s unique circumstances and, if desired, modifications can be sought in the future as needed.

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