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Surviving a military divorce

Regardless of where one lives or what one’s personal circumstances are, divorce is difficult. There is no easy way around it. For those in Massachusetts who are dealing with a military divorce in particular, surviving the process may feel nearly impossible. However, with help, getting through it as swiftly and smoothly as possible can be a reality.

Military divorce is a whole different ball game — so to speak. There are things that these couples and families deal with that do not often affect civilian families. Deployments, for one, can make the divorce process last even longer than is normally anticipated. Getting organized and having all necessary documents and records readily available can certainly help move the process along even when deployments arise.

Another big issue for military families involves child custody. Again, deployments are a factor when it comes to determining which spouse will receive custody and/or visitation schedules. It is possible for service members to achieve custody arrangements that best fit their scheduled duties.

Finally, rules regarding military benefits that are available to the ex-spouses of service members do change. Sometimes it may seem hard to keep up with these changing regulations. However, with the assistance of legal counsel, one can make sure that he or she is getting everything he or she is entitled to in a divorce settlement.

Military divorce is tough and can take a little time. However, military couples in Massachusetts can seek help to get them through the process. A family law attorney with experience with such cases can assist these couples in achieving settlements that work best for their circumstances.

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