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Massachusetts child custody: Dealing with a relocation request

For one reason or another, one might have to relocate. After all, change simply is a part of life. For parents in Massachusetts who have current child custody orders, how will the need to move affect standing custody arrangements?

Child custody orders are granted based upon the current situations of the parents at the time of the requests. However, circumstances do often change. For this reason, custody orders may be modified so that changes may be accommodated. Of course, the parent requesting the modification will have to show that any changes to an order will serve the best interests of any children involved.

Relocating is something more parents are having to do these days, often for employment reasons. However, others choose to move for family support, to take care of ailing loved ones or for new relationships — among various other reasons. Regardless of why one might need or want to move, he or she will need court approval if the move will have a dramatic effect on a standing custody order. To learn more about how an attorney can assist with child custody matters, including relocation requests, please visit our firms’ website.

Dealing with a relocation request can be difficult for both parents and the affected children, which is completely understandable as change can be hard for anyone. There are often valid reasons to approve or deny such requests and child custody order modifications. An experienced family law attorney can help parents in Massachusetts, regardless of whether they are seeking or fighting custody changes based on the need to move.


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