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Timing matters when filing for divorce

When one is ready to get out of his or her marriage, the urge to pull the trigger right away can be pretty strong. However, mistakes may be made when rushing to get it done. Whether one lives in Massachusetts or elsewhere, timing and strategic planning matter when it comes to filing for divorce.

There are numerous things to think about and many questions that may arise when filing for divorce. Will one need a separation agreement? Is it necessary to have papers official served to one’s spouse? These are just a few concerns, but both are certainly issues that can affect the divorce process.

From a monetary standpoint alone, the time of year one files and how long it takes to resolve any issues can affect how financial accounts are divided in the end and how couples live until the divorce is finalized. For example, if a divorce is contested, a separation agreement can help couples set monetary guidelines, including alimony and child support terms, that must be met until a final settlement can be reached. The time of year one files to dissolve one’s marriage can also impact investment accounts. For example, those with 401k or other retirement accounts may want to complete a divorce as soon as possible in order to help protect their investments. However, spouses that are without such accounts may want to hold off a bit in order to get more in their settlements.

Thinking about divorce in a strategic way rather than emotionally is just a smart move. Couples in Massachusetts can seek help in order to make sure that they are taking the right steps that will result in the best settlements possible. With the assistance of legal counsel, reaching fair and balanced terms is certainly achievable.

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