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Military divorce is in a category of its own

One would think that a divorce is a divorce, plain and simple. The truth is, those in Massachusetts or elsewhere who are divorcing military members deal with things that are not typically seen in civilian marriages. Military divorce simply is in a category all of its own.

The military divorce rate typically hovers around 3 percent. That may not seem like a huge number, but for the size of the armed forces, divorce affects quite a few families. Military couples often marry at young ages and have to try and cope with long separations and major injuries. These things simply make married life more difficult and stressful on these couples.

Military spouses go through many of the same actions that a civilian couple would if seeking a divorce. However, military benefits are on the line, and custody arrangements can be difficult to figure out as the service members schedule is often unpredictable. On top of this, service members may face military court martials based on the accusations of a spouse, which can hurt one’s career.

At the end of the day, going through a military divorce can be a long, drawn-out process. With more things to consider and aspects of military life that get in the way, this is not something that military couples should have to work through alone. Those going through this type of divorce in Massachusetts can seek legal assistance from an attorney with experience handling military divorce cases. With help, this process can be completed as swiftly and smoothly as possible, and result in an agreement with which all parties are satisfied.

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