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How long might a divorce take to complete?

When going through the divorce process, it is understandable that each spouse may want to get it over with as swiftly and smoothly as possible. The truth of the matter is that every divorce is different. Some couples in Massachusetts and elsewhere may be able to get through divorce rather quickly, while other couples may find that the process takes a substantial amount of time to complete.

There is a certain process that is generally followed when filing for divorce. It typically starts with at least one spouse filing for divorce. In this legal complaint, the filing spouse may give details as to what he or she wants to achieve in the divorce, such as a financial settlement and custody — among various other things. Once the petition is completed, it will be filed with the court and the other spouse will be given the opportunity to respond.

After the complaint’s response has been received, if both spouses agree to the listed terms, the divorce can be settled rather quickly. If, however, the complaint is contested, both spouses may have to go to mediation or court in order to negotiate the final terms of the divorce. It is this process that can make the dissolution of marriage drag on for an undetermined amount of time.

Regardless of whether a divorce is settled quickly or goes to trial, a judge will have to approve the final terms of the divorce before the dissolution of marriage is officially granted. The process, in its entirety, can take months or even years depending on the specific issues in a case. With the assistance of legal counsel, couples in Massachusetts can work through their divorce cases as swiftly as possible and achieve settlements with which all parties are satisfied.

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