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Child custody and co-parenting is not without its problems

Sharing children after a divorce is finalized can be a difficult task. There are those couples in Massachusetts and elsewhere who can do it calmly and without many issues, but there are others who — no matter what they try — only end up fighting. The truth is that co-parenting and other child custody issues is not without problems for most families.

How can exes make co-parenting or other custody arrangements easier to handle for themselves and their children? There are a few things actually, though sometimes these things are certainly easier said than done. These include keeping one’s cool, putting one’s children’s needs over personal needs, finding the best way to communicate with one’s former spouse and do one’s best not to fight in front of children.

Some parents will use custody situations as leverage over their exes. This only hurts the children in the end. Another problem most exes face is learning how to effectively communicate child custody issues. Some former couples simply cannot talk to each other without fighting. In such cases, texts or emails may be best for communicating anything that is necessary.

When creating co-parenting or other child custody arrangements, Massachusetts parents can put specific details in custody plans — such as acceptable forms of communication. By having such details in writing, it helps parents hold each other to their agreements and can make sticking to custody arrangements much easier to handle. An experienced family law attorney can help parents create custody plans that work best for them and that are in best interests of their children.

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