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Things happen that may sideline divorce progress

One woman recently shared her divorce story and how the progress was sidelined by her husband’s health issues. This type of situation is one that could affect any couple in Massachusetts or elsewhere. If it does, it is okay to take a break and get back to the divorce process when ready.

Married at 18, this woman — after 20 years of marriage — felt her relationship with her husband was beyond repair. The couple separated, but they continued to see and talk to each other and share time with their three children. Not long after the separation, her husband starting having medical problems.

It took time for doctors to accurately diagnose her husband with heart failure. The divorce was put on hold, but the couple remained separated. This woman supported her husband through his tests and procedures, but after three years decided it was time to once again pursue a divorce filing.

Even though it has taken this couple longer than anticipated to work on finalizing their divorce, these thing happen. For one reason or another, for couples in Massachusetts or elsewhere, divorce may have to be put on hold so that other things can be taken care of or sorted out. If that is the case, it is alright. When ready, couples can seek legal assistance to help complete divorce proceedings. Counsel will work diligently so that the client can achieve a settlement that is in his or her best interests and allows him or her to move on to the next chapter in life.

Source:, “How illness changed our divorce plans“, Joanne Walker, Jan. 9, 2016


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