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Seek child custody modifications rather than defy current orders

When dealing with child custody matters, situations can get somewhat intense. Parents may not always agree, and non-custodial parents may not always feel they should be kept from their children. Unfortunately, numerous parents in Massachusetts and elsewhere have dealt with child custody enforcement issues in their own ways. At the end of the day, seeking a modification of a custody order would be in one’s best interests as opposed to simply defying the current order.

In another state, a 33-year-old father is facing criminal charges for allegedly taking his son from the child’s mother. While the full details of this case have not been reported, police said they received a report of the incident the day after it occurred. This child’s mother claims that the 3-year-old boy’s father took the child from her on a Sunday evening and that her attempts to stop him were unsuccessful.

The father was arrested the same day that the incident was reported. The child’s mother was supposedly able to supply court documents showing that she has sole custody of the boy. While the father, at first, refused to return his son, he was eventually arrested and the child returned to his mother. Authorities have not indicated exactly what charges are expected in this case.

What has happened in this case is certainly sad, but is not uncommon. Numerous non-custodial parents have been faced with criminal charges for not abiding with child custody orders. Massachusetts parents do not have to put themselves in such situations. By taking the appropriate legal steps with the help of an experienced attorney, it may be possible to seek modifications of court orders in an effort to grant non-custodial parents more time with their children.

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