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Enforcement issues or other support disputes? Help is available

There are a lot of things about child custody matters that are difficult for parents to handle. The money side of it, particularly, is often a topic of contention, leaving parents — whether custodial or not — to feel somewhat lost and frustrated. When dealing with a child support dispute — such as an enforcement issue or modification concern — it is okay for parents in Massachusetts or elsewhere to seek help in order to resolve the matter a quickly and smoothly as possible.

There are at least two sides to every child support story — the custodial parent’s side and the non-custodial parent’s side. Both want what is best for their children and for themselves. Unfortunately, there are times when one or both sides may not feel that their best interests are being considered.

Child support disputes come in many forms. Along with enforcement and modification issues, others include conflict over the calculation of support and custody and support changes. To learn more about these and other common support issues and how an attorney can assist in your case, please visit the child support page on our firm’s website.

An experienced Massachusetts family law attorney will be prepared to assist you with whatever your dispute is about, including enforcement or modification, and help you achieve a child support order that is right for your circumstances. Dealing with a child support dispute can be challenging. However, at the end of the day, both of the parents and the affected children have rights and needs that must be considered, respected and taken care of, which can be accomplished through taking the appropriate legal actions.


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