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Get help resolving property division disagreements

The process of dividing property during a divorce can seem almost impossible for some couples in Massachusetts. Property division is considered to be one of the toughest parts of the divorce process, unless — of course — children are involved. Those who are struggling to come to fair settlements can seek legal assistance to help resolve the matter.

When discussing the division of property, real estate often comes to mind. Those couples who own a home together may not be able to come to terms on what to do with the property. One spouse may wish to sell while the other may want to keep the home. Taking a look at overall finances, both current and future, can help spouses make the final call on this matter.

Property division is more than real estate, though. Financial assets such as banking accounts, pension and retirement accounts — as well as antiques, collections or other sentimental items — may also be things over which couples may fight. To learn more about different items that may be considered during property division and how an attorney can help you decide what is worth fighting for and how to go about it, please visit our firm’s website.

Property division can affect other aspects of a divorce, so it is something that couples should take their time trying to figure out. At the end of the day, Massachusetts is considered an equitable distribution state, meaning each spouse should be able to walk away from the marriage with a fair division of assets. An experienced divorce attorney can help couples in Massachusetts finalize their divorce settlements with property division terms each spouse feels is equitable.


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