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Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines and out-of-state parents

As a custodial parent, having to deal with obtaining a child support order can be challenging and downright frustrating at times. Unfortunately, there are many parents throughout the country who are not receiving the support to which they may be entitled. In accordance with the Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines, those who find themselves in this position do have options when it comes to gaining the financial support they need for their children.

Numerous parents are dealing with attempting to obtain support orders and collecting payments from noncustodial parents who live or have moved out of state. Those in this type of situation may feel that there is little that can be done. Thankfully, the state has a plan in place to help with this type of problem.

One of the first things a custodial parent can do when seeking an order of support from a parent who does not reside in Massachusetts is to simply file a petition for a support order to be made. If this fails, it may be possible to file an interstate petition for child support. Taking this action will get the appropriate agency in the noncustodial parent’s place of residence involved. In cases involving out-of-state parents, paternity testing may be needed before support orders are granted. Again, this is something that can be handled in the noncustodial parent’s home state.

Obtaining a child support order when a noncustodial parent lives out of state can be difficult and may take longer than usual; however, it is not an impossible task. Legal assistance is available to help those in this position understand the Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines and what rights they have when seeking orders of support. Just because a noncustodial parent lives out of state does not relieve him or her from financial responsibility. A custodial parent can seek help in fighting to obtain the support needed to provide for his or her child’s needs.

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