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The number of women initiating the divorce process is on the rise

When it comes to divorce, some may think that husbands are most likely to bring up the subject. This may have been partially true before women started working outside of the home, but this is certainly no longer the case. As women, in Massachusetts and elsewhere, are becoming more independent, self-sufficient and with higher expectations, it seems that they are ones that are more likely to initiate divorce proceedings.

According to a recently released study, over the course of five year marital relationships, women initiated divorces nearly 70 percent of the time. What is interesting about this is the fact that, in non-marital relationships, the rate at which men and women are likely to initiate break ups is equal. Why is there such a significant difference between married and non-married couples?

It is believed that the expectations spouses put on each other is a major source of discontent in marriages. However, as women have more options than ever before, there is often no need to remain in marriages that are unfulfilling. The decision to divorce, though, may take some time and serious thought, whereas unmarried couples can generally walk away from relationships without much planning or fear of the potentially negative consequences that may follow.

Married couples, whether in Massachusetts or elsewhere, may find themselves in relationships that they no longer feel is best for their emotional, financial or physical well-beings. Regardless of which spouse initiates a divorce, each has the ability to walk away from the marriage with a fair settlement. Reaching agreeable terms may be easy for some; for others, litigation may be necessary to deal with any unresolved issues. An experienced divorce attorney can assist throughout the entire process, no matter how complicated.

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