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Changing up parenting time now that school is back in session

When children head back to school in the fall, the family schedule can get a little crazy. For those in Massachusetts or elsewhere who are divorced or separated, managing a stable custody arrangement can feel a little more difficult than usual. This is when changing up the parenting time schedule, even if only temporarily, may prove to be a good move.

No parent, or child for that matter, wants to feel like he or she is losing out on parenting time due to the many schedule changes that accompany a school year. Changes in a custody plan may be necessary in order to ensure that time is adjusted in a way that will best benefit everyone involved. Such adjustments may only be needed for the school year, but some families may choose to make permanent changes to a custody order.

Good communication is necessary when trying to balance out schedules. It can take time to figure out the custody arrangement that works best for one’s family. Failing to communicate each parent’s needs and the needs of the children only adds unnecessary stress and can prolong finding an arrangement that works for everyone.

Creating a parenting time schedule that is sufficient for the school year may not happen on the very first try. It is possible to modify custody plans as necessary until the best arrangement is found. Parents in Massachusetts can seek the help of legal counsel when considering such modifications not only to ensure everything is appropriately documented, but to ensure that the interests of everyone affected are fairly considered.

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