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Property division requires clear communication and negotiation

Those in Massachusetts who have been or are working through a divorce know that it can get messy at times. This is particularly true when a couple cannot agree on a property division settlement. Clear communication with one’s attorney and soon-to-be ex, along with a willingness to negotiate, will be needed to complete this process in a way that leaves both parties satisfied with the end result.

After years of building a life together, it can be difficult to take it apart, piece by piece. Yes, there are those couples who will sell everything and divide the cash or those who can easily agree on who gets what, but there are also those situations in which spouses may want very specific items and are not willing to budge. In any situation, before starting negotiations, it will be important to discuss needs, wants and future goals with one’s legal counsel so that there is a clear understanding as to what one desires in a property settlement.

After each party makes a game plan, it will be time to start negotiations. In this process, there will have to be a little bit of give and take offered by both parties. One’s legal counsel will be able to offer guidance as to what is and is not worth fighting for, and will do everything possible to reach a settlement that best suits the future interests of his or her client.

Massachusetts couples may find that communication is essential throughout the divorce process. This is true regardless if one is talking to his or her lawyer or the other party. Through good communication and negotiating skills, property division can be completed in a way that allows each party to clearly identify what he or she wants to achieve and can result in a settlement with which those wants are represented.

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