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Social media-related divorce becoming more common

Even though coming to the decision to divorce is not typically an easy one to make, there are times when one or both spouses simply know it is the right thing. There are numerous reasons why couples in Massachusetts and elsewhere may choose to end their marriages. One reason for divorce that is more common now than ever before is the use of social media.

It seems that very few Americans are not connected to some type of social media account these days. The use of sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus — to name just a few — are so popular for their ability to keep family and friends connected. However, these sites may also be used to meet people that one would not otherwise get to know in person. Social media has become something that is almost considered a necessity in some people’s lives — so much so that its use can be considered an addiction.

There are reported cases of spouses ending marriages due to social media usage. One woman has come forward to share her story. According to this woman, several years ago, she was spending four plus hours on Facebook a day, which caused her to neglect other aspects of her life. Long story short, her husband eventually filed for divorce. Hers is just one case like this;  according to statistics, approximately one in seven divorces can be associated with social media addictions, though some believe the number is actually much higher than that.

The reason to divorce is unique to every couple, as every relationship is different. It doesn’t matter if a marriage is ending due to social media usage or something else. At the end of the day, when couples in Massachusetts or elsewhere decide to dissolve their marriages, what matters is making sure the terms of the divorce are fair and that the best interests of everyone involved are considered — especially if children are in the picture. Legal assistance is available to help with negotiations and litigate if necessary, to ensure all rights are protected and final terms are satisfactory for each party.

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