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Massachusetts parenting time: every family has different needs

Studies are often conducted and findings frequently reported about a number of topics. The effects of child custody arrangements on children is one of them. Surely, this is a concern parents across the country and in Massachusetts have when planning for parenting time.

In browsing the Web, one can actually find multiple studies and articles about the effects of certain child custody arrangements on children. Some advocate for a primary caregiver arrangement with visitation time, while others say equally splitting time between parents is best. When already worried about how children will cope with coming changes, some of these articles can be somewhat distressing rather than helpful, as the recommendations flip-flop from one thing to another.

One of the most recent studies on this topic claims that children are better off in a shared physical custody arrangement. According to the information gathered in this study, stability in the parent-child relationship outweighed stability in living arrangements. Therefore, the study concluded that equal parenting time would give that needed stability. Again, this is just one of many studies in which information was gathered from a select population.

So, what is the best form of parenting time? Parents in Massachusetts who are faced with this question may struggle with finding the best solution; however, the answer really is simple. Regardless of what this or other studies may say, at the end of the day, the best custody arrangement is the one that fits the individual needs of a family. Every situation is different, every child is different, and what may work for some may not be the best solution for others. Though this decision can be difficult, legal assistance is available to help make planning for parenting time as easy as possible.

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