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Military divorce has its own set of challenges

The divorce experience is difficult for anyone. Every couple is different, and every family’s life has needs unique to their specific situation. While challenges will present in just about every divorce case, a couple who is working through a military divorce, whether in Massachusetts or elsewhere, may find certain decisions more difficult to make due to the complex life and schedule of the service member.

In many ways, a military divorce is the same as a civilian divorce. Quite a few of the typical concerns are alike, such as child custody, support payments and asset division. Coming to a solution for these and any other issues can be slightly more complex, though. Service members spend months away from their families. This can make completing negotiations difficult and, certainly, makes issues with child custody a real problem.

Military members and/or their spouses will likely have a lot of questions regarding divorce that civilian couples don’t have to face. These may include whether a non-military spouse has rights to military benefits post-divorce, how frequent relocations will affect a service member’s rights to child custody and how a split will affect housing allowances — among many others. To learn more about common military divorce concerns, please visit our Massachusetts Military Divorce website.

Military divorce, though difficult, can be resolved in a swift and fair manner. While coming to agreeable terms may be slightly more complex, it is possible to address any and all concerns. Legal assistance is available to walk service members and/or their spouses in Massachusetts through this challenging process.


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