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Career changes may warrant a modification of child support

Change is an inevitable part of life. When setting up terms in a divorce, particularly anything involving children and finances, it is impossible to predict how future events will affect the ability to stick to those terms successfully. When big changes occur, such as a career change, it is possible for noncustodial parents in Massachusetts to seek a modification of divorce terms that pertain to child support.

Modification of child support can be granted for a number of reasons, including a change in a child’s needs or a change in state child support laws. However, one of the main reasons a noncustodial parent may choose to file for a modification is an adjustment of financial circumstances. This can occur due to a loss of employment, career transition or a number of other unexpected and/or unforeseen situations.

When it comes to career transitions, not all job changes are better — economically speaking. Those who are left trying to live off even less income may find it impossible to continue paying child support that has been calculated based on their previous pay. Anyone in this type of situation can file a request for modification, along with any supporting documents, to family court.

While noncustodial parents in Massachusetts do need to assist in providing for their children, doing so should not create a fiscally impossible situation from which they may not recover. Those who are struggling to keep up with their current child support arrangements can request a modification. If granted, a modification in child support can ensure that the needs of the children are still being met and that noncustodial parents are able to afford to live as well. Help is available in achieving a child support order that keeps the best interests of everyone involved in mind.

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