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January 2015 Archives

Can social media lead to divorce and affect a final settlement?

Divorce is often hard enough without outside sources weighing in. The world we live in is shared online for just about everyone else to see. A vast majority of the population here in Massachusetts and across the country often turn to sites such as Facebook or Google Plus to share everything about their lives -- the good and the bad. In some cases, the information shared has led to requests for divorce and even affected final divorce settlements.

Property division covers more than real estate and bank accounts

When a couple decides to divorce, it seems like the overall process should be pretty simple and straightforward. Really, how hard can it be to decide who gets what and how much time the kids will spend with each parent -- right? Unfortunately, working through a divorce is rarely that easy. There are multiple complications that can prolong finalizing a divorce. In this week's post, we are going to cover the problems many Massachusetts couples may have with one specific area -- property division.

Mortgage concerns affect many divorcing couples in Massachusetts

There is no doubt about it, working through the ins and outs of a divorce can be a challenging task. Financial concerns, custody issues and figuring out how to divide property are subjects which are often difficult to broach. For many divorcing couples in Massachusetts, concerns about shared real estate, in particular, can create a lot of tension -- especially if an underwater mortgage is involved.

How can I get spousal support?

When working through a divorce, having questions is inevitable. Every divorce is unique, and the questions and concerns that arise will not be the same for everyone. However, there are a few issues that will affect numerous Massachusetts couples. One of these issues could pertain to spousal support.

Massachusetts child support enforcement options

For one reason or another, custodial parents in Massachusetts may find themselves struggling to obtain child support payments from the non-custodial parent. When this happens, they may feel that there is little they can do, but, the simple truth is, there are child support enforcement programs in place to help with this issue. In this week's post, we are going to share several of the enforcement methods available and how both custodial and non-custodial parents can get help with child support issues.

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