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Spouses may finalize divorce in as little as 1 day

The divorce process can come with multiple trips to the courtroom and can also be frustrating. Hours are usually spent filling out mounds of court documents and years are spent in and out of court. Massachusetts spouses may want to learn about a one-day-divorce program that is currently available in another state.

A woman and her husband got married when they were young, and after some time passed by, they grew apart. At first, the divorce process seemed overwhelming for her, but once everything started moving, it changed everything. The divorce paperwork should have been filed at least six months prior to be eligible for the one-day-divorce, but it is ideal for those who do not have an attorney. Also to be eligible, spouses should have settled all of their issues, including division of property, debts and spousal support.

There may be children involved in a divorce, and if there are, there should be a parenting plan. When the spouses qualify for this program, an appointment is scheduled, and it can take as little as 30 minutes for the divorce to be finalized. The program is modeled after the one-day divorce that started in Sacramento and was funded through a grant from the Bar Foundation in San Diego County.

Divorce is sometimes a challenging experience, and having to file a large amount of paperwork usually increases the stress. The one-day divorce program was created to simplify and alleviate the amount of frustration spouses have, as long as they have settled all issues. At this time, this program may not be available in Massachusetts, but spouses who are divorcing could benefit from gaining thorough knowledge of all options available in their particular area.

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