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The various reasons why spouses decide to divorce

Divorce can affect anyone from all walks of life. Many people may think that the main reasons for divorce are because of affairs and finances. Massachusetts spouses may be interested in learning about ex-spouses who spoke candidly about the reasons they decided to get divorced.

One of the ex-spouses interviewed stated that she could not see herself having children with her husband. She came to the realization that she did not trust him to be a caretaker of children that they would possibly have in the future. Another ex-spouse stated that he was married to a narcissist. Once he became familiar with what a narcissist was, he decided that the relationship was done so that she could no longer manipulate him. In some situations, the spouses simply grew apart or they married too young.

Another spouse stated that he was in a marriage for eight years, and even though he was in love with his ex, he knew that they could not provide for each other. Lastly, spouses sometimes divorce because of infidelity. One ex-spouse stated that his ex-wife cheated on him and became pregnant by another person.

No marriage is guaranteed to last a lifetime, and there are many reasons why people would choose to get a divorce. The divorce process can sometimes be frustrating, and sometimes emotions can take over the decision-making. If Massachusetts spouses can put aside their differences, they could possibly reach a resolution without ever entering the courtroom. If litigation is necessary, spouses may want to become familiar with laws within their jurisdiction.

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