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Many factors are predictors of divorce

Understandably, people who get married would like to see their marriages last. However, life happens, and sometimes divorce can’t be avoided. New research shows that several factors may actually predict a possible future divorce in Massachusetts and other states.

First, if two people don’t date for a minimum of three years prior to getting engaged, they had a 39 percent higher chance of getting divorced. In addition, household income has an impact on a couple’s chances of getting divorced. Couples who earn $125,000 per year combined are half as likely to dissolve their marriages.

Furthermore, men have double the chance of ending up divorced if they say that their partners’ appearance played a significant role in their choice to marry. In the same way, women who focus heavily on the wealth of their partners have a 60 percent higher chance to divorcing. It’s also important to note that going on a honeymoon actually reduces one’s chances of getting divorced by more than 40 percent.

When two completely different people come together to build a household, conflicts are bound to arise. If these differences are irreconcilable, divorce can give both individuals the chance to freely pursue the types of lives they really want. If the couple can find some common ground in areas such as asset division and property distribution, this can make the divorce process much more amicable and thus easier. Those parties that are able to keep the lines of communication open through the proceedings usually find they are able to reach common ground. If not, a Massachusetts judge will step in and assist the couple by making the decisions about unresolved issues for them. 

Source: The Atlantic, “The Divorce-Proof Marriage“, Olga Khazan, Oct. 14, 2014


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