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Fantasia Barrino fights to retain child custody of her daughter

Fantasia Barrino is engulfed in a custody battle. Many Massachusetts fans may remember Fantasia as a winner of American Idol on one of the previous seasons. Her ex-boyfriend is now requesting full child custody of their 13-year-old daughter.

Fantasia and her child’s father were former high school sweethearts until shortly after she gave birth to their daughter. Reportedly, the father began abusing her, which resulted in a break-up in 2003. In an ironic twist, the child’s father has asked the court for full physical and legal custody of the teen with the option of visitation. In addition, he is also requesting for Fantasia to pay child support. According to reports, the father believes that he is a more fit parent than Fantasia.

However, Fantasia is fighting back and claims that the father has not paid child support since the child was born. Furthermore, the father has not made any attempts to have a relationship with her. Fantasia is confident that her supporters understand what she’s going through, as she continues to take care of her daughter to the fullest extent.

Child custody disputes are rarely easy for Massachusetts parents. Sometimes, simple communication with each other can be influential to making co-parenting arrangements that work for both parents. In cases like these, parents may be unable to work out a mutual agreement, and litigation in a family law court may be required. If that happens, a judge will sort out the details based upon what is in the best interests of the child.

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