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Wife of hedge-fund founder asks for child custody

A billionaire founder of a hedge-fund and his wife are in a bitter divorce dispute. Most Massachusetts spouses may find that one of the most difficult aspects of divorce is child custody and this case is no exception. The wife is requesting full custody of the children and is also requesting for the prenup to be voided.

In spite of being married for 11 years, the wife claims that her husband plans on leaving her with only one percent of his assets. In addition, she was reportedly forced to sign the prenup just three hours before the rehearsal dinner for the wedding under the direction of a psychologist. Reportedly, the husband is the one who recommended the psychologist and never mentioned that he had a fiduciary relationship.

The husband is reportedly worth $5.6 billion and based on the wife’s statements, enforcing the agreement would take away her rights to a substantial amount of funds. On the husband’s end, the statements made by the wife are not true and the prenup covers all issues. Apart from the issues with the prenup, the wife is also requesting full custody of their children. The wife claims that they have not lived in the same home since 2012 and the children have not spent any overnights alone with him.

Prenuptial agreements usually help to avoid courtroom litigation for Massachusetts couples, but in this case, the wife claims she entered into one under duress. The agreement may be unenforceable if the wife can prove that she was forced into signing it. In regard to child custody, a family courtroom will look into every aspect to determine the best interest of the children.

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