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Social media may have a connection with divorce

A number of couples use social media sites for many reasons. Oftentimes, couples use sites such as Facebook for networking and keeping in touch with friends. There may be a link between Facebook and divorce among spouses in Massachusetts and throughout the country.

Reportedly, a recent study revealed that there may be a connection with divorce and the use of social media sites. The study was released in a publication called “The Journal Computer in Human Behavior,” and it surveyed divorce rates from state to state per Facebook account. In addition, the researchers compiled information from the years 2011 and 2012 that inquired about the quality of their marriages and the use of social media.

According to reports, it was discovered that the use of social media resulted in a reduced amount of quality in the marriage, but it was not proved to be responsible for marriages that were already distressed. Reportedly, a boost in Facebook signups annually was linked to an average of 2.18 percent to 4.32 percent boost in divorce rates. Furthermore, a survey revealed that those who do not use social media are 11 percent more likely to have happier marriages.

The use of social media sites may result in divorce for many Massachusetts couples. Although the chances are small, the risk is still there. Social media sites are not fully to blame and, most likely, the marriages may have already been in trouble before the use of Facebook or any other site came about. Spouses who are considering divorce may benefit from having comprehensive knowledge of their rights to increase the odds of favorable outcomes.

Source: CNBC, “Social networking linked to divorce, marital unhappiness“, Everett Rosenfield, July 8, 2014


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