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Mase and wife Twyla’s divorce involves child custody battle

Individuals in Massachusetts normally don’t like to be caught in the middle of two other people’s bickering for fear of angering one or the other. Likewise, children who are caught in the middle of a child custody fight may feel helpless and fearful of the outcome. They might fear losing the parent who doesn’t end up with full custody of them. The court ultimately has to decide which parent will gain custody in this type of divorce situation.

In one high-profile case in another state, the rapper and pastor named Mase appears to be getting a divorce from his wife. In January, he requested full custody of the two children he shares with his wife, Twyla. However, he then apparently dropped the case a few weeks afterward.

Apparently, the day after he had filed for divorce, his wife filed for legal separation. Mase’s response was to move forward with a divorce instead. Twyla also has asked for custody of their kids. She has requested child support and alimony, although Mase is against this request.

Both parents generally have an equal right to their kids following a divorce. Nonetheless, a court in Massachusetts must determine which individual will receive custody. The decision is made based on factors such as the kids’ relationships with their parents and what the kids ultimately want to happen. The court also examines the mental and physical health of both parents. In any situation, the court will primarily focus on the best interests of the children in what can be a difficult family situation in our state.

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