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Film about the pains of child custody battles

In Massachusetts, child custody battles are painful ordeals for families and especially children. An attorney has produced a short film to inform about these child custody battles and the horrible ordeals kids may go through in the middle of these battles. Child custody battles can cause kids to suffer emotionally and psychologically.

The film, “Talk to Strangers,” has been shown at various film festivals. The hope is that the film will open the eyes of parents who are considering a child custody situation and help them rethink how they are handling it for the sake of their children’s well-being. The film depicts a custody battle between a divorced couple fighting over their son and daughter. It addresses eight myths about child custody and provides suggestions to correct those myths.

One myth is that parents assume that a judge can shield their children away from a custody battle. They think the judge will safeguard the children from the dispute between the parents. However, that is not true because judges do not intervene in child custody cases until after custody evaluations are complete. Therefore, children are already aware of the situation and can potentially be devastated by it.

Child custody battles are extremely emotional ordeals in Massachusetts. After a divorce, the next step is the fight for custody of the children. This can be a difficult process because a judge has to hear both sides, assess the situation, and make a ruling about who gets custody. Children are smart, can understand the situation and can be emotionally affected. The courts can help families quickly resolve a child custody battle, make a fair decision and hopefully prevent further emotional damage to the children.

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