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Divorce rate high for couples of all ages

More married couples of all ages in Massachusetts are seeking divorces. In a recent study, divorce rates for couples have become higher than usual. Surprisingly, the study shows that divorce is higher for older couples and less so for young couples. Despite the drop in divorce rate for younger couples, however, it does not mean there is stability in married bliss for any couple.

There was a peak in the divorce rate in the 80s, but since then the divorce rate has been dropping. However, that statistic is not entirely positive news. The study shows that even though divorce has dropped for couples in their 20s, it has drastically increased for older couples. Divorce among couples between 60 and 65 years old has tripled, whereas couples older than 65 are 5 times more likely to divorce.

Perhaps the reason for the lower rates of divorce for younger couples is due to cohabitation before marriage. More young couples are living together before getting married. By living together, they are in effect test-driving their relationship to see if marriage is the appropriate next step for them. Older couples, on the other hand, married before living together because that was the cultural expectation during their younger days.

Divorces are often sad events for people to have to go through. When couples divorce, it takes a toll on the emotions of the couple and their families. Older couples who have been married for many years and divorce have often realized that they should not have married in the first place and only married because it was expected. No matter the age of those involved, Massachusetts courts can help couples through a difficult divorce as they seek a resolution to many issues such as property division.

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