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Massachusetts child support guidelines viewed as extortion

Massachusetts child support guidelines have changed in recent years. Child support payments have been gradually increasing. Some people are arguing that there are really no justifications for the increases except that, when the cost of living increases, so does child support payments. They say that the current Massachusetts child support guidelines are flawed, and that the enforcement of these increases are based on personal incentives by government officials. The more child support people have to pay, the more money these agencies collect in their pockets.

The current child support system seems suspicious because it requires people to pay more money than necessary and more money than they can afford. Some child support costs are very high and subjected to the government’s discretion. As a result, there are many unpaid child support payments, and people are considered delinquents because they cannot pay the high costs.

There are lots of questions that need to be answered when evaluating child support. Questions remain like why are kids separated from their parents and how much are parents required to pay in child support? Unless the government can fairly answer these questions, mandating child support payments without valid reasons can seem like the government is stealing.

Increases in child support payments are sometimes unfortunately viewed as a method to advocate more divorces and for mothers to bear children out of wedlock in order to get money. It becomes a cycle sometimes seen as mothers getting pregnant and divorced, fathers having to pay money and the government generating more revenue. Child custody battles are complex cases. There are legal advocates regarding who understands Massachusetts child support guidelines, who can help families deal with child custody issues and find the most cost-effective solutions in managing child support concerns.

Source: Washington Examiner, When child support becomes extortion, families lose, Stephen Baskerville, March 3, 2014


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