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How to deal with child custody in divorce cases

In Massachusetts, divorces that involve children most often have child custody battles as well. When couples with children are in divorce proceedings, the first and most common question they ask lawyers is “Who will get custody of the kids?” Even though child custody cases are intense and stressful for families, the most important thing to consider is what is in the best interests of the children.

Couples who divorce usually decide between two kinds of joint custody agreements, joint legal custody or joint legal physical custody. A joint legal custody agreement means that the child will live with one parent permanently but both parents have the right to make decisions about how to raise their child. Joint legal physical custody means the child will split time living with both parents.

When divorces are amicable and ex-couples can work together, child custody agreements can go very smoothly. Things like schools, religion, activities such as sports or music, and doctors are decisions that need to be discussed and agreed upon. If couples can work together on these things, it makes divorce and child custody an easier process. When couples disagree, child custody battles can become nasty and bitter. Couples who divorce in Massachusetts can also seek aid from a mediator for help with child custody disputes.

Divorce cases can be very emotional and often children are used as pawns. Disagreeing couples may have to go back to the courts for help with the disputes. Experienced legal assistance can be very helpful in these situations. Sometimes court intervention in child custody battles can help divorcing couples gain new perspective concerning the best interests of their children.

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