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Higher divorce rate due to better economy

The improving economy has created an upswing in divorce in Massachusetts and across the nation in recent years and more couples are moving forward with their divorces. In 2012, there were 2.4 million divorces in the United States; which was the third year in a row that divorce numbers have increased. Regardless of domestic and social impacts of divorces, the economic effects are improving because there are higher demands in housing, increases in household purchases and more people entering in the labor force.

Couples used to stay in unhappy marriages because they could not afford to be separated. When the economy was down, couples needed one another for financial support in order to survive. Now, with higher housing prices and more jobs, there is more financial security to get a divorce. Couples can sell their house, split the proceeds and have money to live comfortably separately.

Statistically, women suffer the effects of divorces more often than men. There are emotional and financial tolls to divorce. More divorced women are entering into the work force because they need to provide for themselves and their children. If they are the sole caretakers of their children, they usually have restrained work schedules to accommodate their children’s needs, which can result in less income.

There are positive and negative impacts to divorce in a burgeoning economy. The positive is that people feel comfortable leaving their unhappy marriages because their financial outlook is brighter. The negative impact is on an emotional and social level. Although divorce is negatively viewed in society, it sometimes need to happen for the best interest of the family. In Massachusetts, couples who have a better understanding of divorce laws can go through with divorce with less emotional and financial issues.

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