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Why there is a divorce increase during winter

Massachusetts lawyers explain why more people file for divorce in January and February than any other months of the year. The reasons for higher divorce in winter months are complicated and are due to various factors. In some cases, the stress of having spent too much money during the holidays puts couples under a financial burden going into the new year. During the holidays, people may feel resentment over having to spend time with relatives they do not enjoy being around. Some couples have only stayed together during the holidays for the sake of their kids’ happiness.

There are other more practical reasons why people stay together until after the holidays. Sometimes people stay married until the end of the year in order to get their holiday bonuses at work. Another reason is to be married until Jan. 1 so they can file taxes jointly and get the tax benefits of being a married couple.

A larger proportion of divorce filings happen in February. If Valentine’s Day is disappointing for couples, for example, that could lead to divorce. Bankruptcy claims are high during the months of January and February. If couples are having financial problems, this can have detrimental effects on their marriage.

It is said that at least 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. People who are unhappy in their marriage and stressed from financial problems are more likely to divorce. In Massachusetts, when couples get to a point where they feel that divorce is for the best, there is help in order to find solutions and hopefully have an amicable divorce.

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