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Parents fighting child custody battle in Massachusetts

Child custody cases are often thought of as being between a mother and father, but sometimes the state can become involved. Recently, the State of Massachusetts became involved in a case involving a juvenile that was admitted to a local hospital. As a result, the parents are now fighting a child custody battle for their child even though they brought their daughter for treatment.

The 15-year-old girl had previously been diagnosed with mitochondrial disease. This can cause weakness as well as muscle coordination issues. Despite her diagnosis, the teenager seemed to live a normal life until she was admitted to a children’s hospital with the flu. According to her parents, the doctors there questioned the previous diagnosis and stated she could not be taken from the hospital. It was at that time that DCF was called.

According to the medical staff at the children’s hospital, the teenager was suffering from a mental disorder rather than the previous diagnosed genetic disorder. The parents said they were escorted out of the hospital, lost custody of their daughter, and have stated it is kidnapping. Next month will be 10 months since the parents lost custody of their daughter. While the case continues in court, the judge has issued a gag order concerning the details of the case.

A child custody case such as this can be a long process and frustrating for the parents struggling through this confusing time. When a couple is fighting to regain custody of their child from the state, they may need help from an outside source. In this particular case, having a copy of all medical records as well as documentation that shows all medical treatment that the child has received could be helpful when moving forward. Any Massachusetts parent in a similar situation may want to begin by understanding the applicable state laws.

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