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Unfair property division? Invest in stocks

Massachusetts residents know that divorce is the way out of an unhappy marriage. Unfortunately, for most, property division is more often than not split down the middle. This could leave one struggling financially, but financial advisors can provide hope for these people. Taking stock with your divorce settlement funds can actually provide income.

Property division usually sides with one person. This can leave so many people at a disadvantage or feeling unfulfilled after the proceedings are over. Having a good attorney is one way to avoid feeling like you were ripped off after a divorce. For those who did not have the opportunity to get a good attorney, or thought they could settle it fairly out of court — there is good news.

Financial advisors suggest putting stocks into companies that are known to thrive. For example — energy companies. They suggest putting most of the finances from the property division into the company of your choice — if they are doing well, of course. One such company is valued at $13 billion in revenue. The idea is to put money into a thriving company like this one and to keep it there for a monthly cash flow.

Property division does not have to be as bad as it is for most. If you are unfortunate enough to have most of your assets taken away in a divorce, there are options. Stocks will give you the monthly security of a paycheck, while giving you the option to still work if you wish. The best way to stay out of a situation, where you are left with less than half of your assets, is to find a good attorney. Massachusetts couples know that — in order to end a divorce fairly and down the middle — a good attorney is key.

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