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Massachusetts visitation laws helpful for grandparents?

When Massachusetts residents think of a visitation issue involving a child, more than likely they think of a mom and dad fighting over time with a child. However, in today’s changing times, grandparents are often in the equation as well. A recent case that is making headlines involves grandparents that have taken their son to court for visitation rights with their grand kids.

The parents involved in the case have been a couple for 19 years, but have not married. The father of the children has previously been in trouble with the law for drug related issues. The grandparents involved received a court order stating they could in fact have visitation rights and that the oldest of the children, their 16-year-old granddaughter be allowed to contact them when she would like. While the judge allowed visitation, no changes in custody were made.

Although the grandparents were likely hopeful for the case to be resolved during their day in court, they will have to wait since the judge postponed the case and ordered mediation. This is a tool in which a neutral third party is involved to help all sides come to an agreement. A successful mediation can save court time.

Any Massachusetts resident that is battling for visitation of a child may find it in their best interest to have an understanding of the applicable laws. Since this can be an emotional time for all parties involved, it can prove beneficial for a person to understand what can be expected during the process and what possible outcomes can be achieved. With the proper knowledge, a person can move forward with a hopeful attitude that positive results will be achieved.

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