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Important questions for a Massachusetts divorce attorney

When a Massachusetts spouse is considering filing for divorce, one of the first steps involves meeting with a divorce attorney. It is important to be able to sit down and go over the divorce process and what one’s goals are for the outcome. Doing so can give the spouse a sense of what to expect. It also gives the attorney a good feel for the expectations and desires of the client, which can help him or her tailor a legal approach that suits those aims.

An important question that many spouses fail to ask is whether there is an easier way to end a marriage than the traditional warring stance of divorce litigation. While it is true that litigation remains a commonly taken path, it is never the only available option. By simply asking questions about alternative divorce approaches, a spouse is able to demonstrate that they are willing to consider those choices.

Divorce mediation is one means of ending a marriage without the cost and stress of extensive litigation. By taking this type of collaborative approach, both parties can save a great deal of time, expense and emotional turmoil. For other couples, working with a mediator may not be the best solution, but a less aggressive form of negotiation can be employed, and the matter can be decided outside of a courtroom.

When considering divorce, Massachusetts couples should understand that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. By outlining one’s goals and expectations at the onset of the attorney/client relationship, spouses can give their attorney the tools needed to create a tailored approach. The end result can be a far more positive divorce experience than many spouses thought possible.

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