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Massachusettes Passes New Alimony Law

| Oct 5, 2011 | Uncategorized

Massachusetts has enacted what has been referred to as the Alimony Reform Act. The new alimony law finally imposes guidance and parameters for Judges to enter alimony orders in divorces and post divorce actions. The law goes into effect in March of 2012.

Highlights of some of the changes to the new Massachusetts alimony law are:

  • Time limits on the duration of alimony dependent upon the length of the marriage;
  • Recalculation or termination of alimony upon showing a recipient spouse’s co-habitation in certain circumstances;
  • Termination of alimony upon retirement of the payor spouse in certain circumstances; and
  • General recommendations as to alimony amounts dependent upon the parties’ income and other factors.

The law also sets specific time periods within which current parties paying or receiving alimony may seek modification of their current orders. The schedule is dependent upon the age of the support order.

The new Massachusetts Alimony Reform Act provides much needed clarification and structure to one of the most contentious aspects of divorcing couples. Contact aMassachusetts alimony reform attorney to discuss how the new law may affect you. 


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