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Facebook and Other Sites vs. Alumni

| May 20, 2009 | Uncategorized

May 20, 2009. (I) begrudgingly attended my 25th high school reunion recently. I really did not want to go. A couple friends bugged me so I went. I really only keep in touch with one or two friends from high school. The rest, from the small New England prep school my parents sent me to, are scattered all over the globe. I hadn’t heard from many for years and years, until I got a Facebook account. People who I had not seen or spoken to since high school or college were popping up. I was getting multiple “adds” daily. I felt so popular. We were exchanging old stories, pictures and memories, all from the confines of my desk or Iphone.

It was interesting to see what everyone looked like. The men were mostly balding and some hadn’t aged well. The women often had 6 kids in their laps. (I’m embellishing friends!) It was a lot of information and I went thru it all. To this day, after having Facebook


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