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Grad student cyclist suffers fatal personal injury

Many Massachusetts students own a bicycle as their primary, or only, means of transportation. Although this choice is often necessary due to budget restrictions, many cyclists find a major benefit is the exercise a bike provides. Unfortunately, since cyclists must often share the road with larger vehicles, such as cars and trucks, accidents can occur, often resulting in personal injury or even death. Such a tragedy happened recently at a busy Boston intersection.

The incident took place early one recent Friday morning. According to initial investigation reports, a young male cyclist and a 50-year-old truck driver simultaneously attempted a right turn at the intersection. Tragedy struck when one of the truck's wheels hit the bicycle as they were making the turn. The bicyclist, a 24-year-old graduate student at nearby Boston University, was transported to a local hospital. However, sadly, he died due to his injuries.

Tips for a less painful divorce for Massachusetts couples

Whether a Massachusetts couple decides to separate by mutual agreement, or one partner initiates the split, many decisions need to be made. Although each person likely feels overwhelmed during the time immediately following a breakup, it is important to think clearly and rationally at this time, as the decisions that are made during the separation and divorce process will shape the years to come for all parties involved. Fortunately, an expert offers some practical tips for moving forward effectively.

During what is typically a difficult and highly emotional time, many people tend to focus on getting out of the divorce what seems fair to them. Although it may seem obvious, people are better off seeking clarity on what they actually want and need from the divorce and going from there. In addition, in order to proceed most effectively, divorcing individuals should consider what their soon-to-be ex-spouse really wants and what motivates that person.

During a divorce, parents shouldn't forget college expenses

Couples who decide to separate have many different topic areas to discuss and, hopefully, agree upon: division of property, child custody, support agreements, living arrangements and more. When divorcing parents are working out details involving their children, one area they may leave out is who pays for a child's college education. However, experts say that parents in Massachusetts and elsewhere should include the answer to this question in their divorce decree, no matter the child's age.

In fact, some states require that divorcing parents provide details in their divorce papers stipulating how they plan to pay for their offspring's post-secondary education. Even if such information is not legally required, to avoid future conflict, parents are strongly encouraged to discuss and agree on each person's financial obligation during their divorce negotiations. This applies even if college time is many years in the future and even if parents are not sure whether the child will choose to attend college.

Parents who divorce can ease the transition for children

When Massachusetts couples go through a divorce, they typically have to learn how to deal with many new and often daunting situations and usually within a climate of high stress. When divorcing couples are also parents, a new level of stress is placed on them while they try to do their best to help the children cope with their new reality. Fortunately, a clinical psychologist offers tips for parents trying to navigate their way through this particularly challenging part of the divorce process.

Divorce is rarely a happy event, and individuals going through this process often feel very stressed, which can result in tension and conflict between the divorcing partners. Parents will, understandably, worry about how the tension will affect the children throughout the process and beyond. It is best, of course, if divorcing parents can keep the conflict away from the children. Adopting a collaborative divorce model and/or using a parent coordinator can help both parents and children make a healthy transition to their post-divorce life.

Fatal personal injury results when pedestrian and truck collide

Walking can be an excellent type of exercise and a way to breathe in some fresh air and see the sights. For some Massachusetts residents, it is their only form of transportation. However, while walking in areas where motor vehicles are also present, people need to be alert at all times. Sadly, pedestrian accidents are all too common and often result in personal injury or even death to the pedestrian.

For one young Cambridge woman, this situation became her reality on a recent Friday evening. The accident happened at an intersection when a dump truck driver backed up his vehicle and hit the woman, resulting in her death. While the truck driver has been cited for negligent operation of his vehicle, the crash is still under investigation and a court date has not been set.

In case of divorce, a prenuptial agreement can be helpful

When a Massachusetts couple is planning their wedding, romance is in the air. Typically, much planning takes place for a beautiful, meaningful ceremony often followed by a celebration with family and friends. However, since divorce is relatively common, couples would be wise to also consider a prenuptial agreement in their marriage planning process.

Some people still attach stigma to the idea of a prenuptial agreement, fearing judgment from others, or even that the document will cast bad luck on their marriage before it has even begun. Nevertheless, more and more couples are opting to prepare these practical documents designed to clearly stipulate the terms regarding finances and property division in the event the marriage ends in divorce. Without a prenup, the property division is determined according to individual state laws, and either party may not end up with the results he or she really wants. A valid prenup, on the other hand, will serve as a substitute for state laws and will help to ensure each party is satisfied with the outcome.

Guidelines for successful co-parenting after divorce

Divorcing couples in Massachusetts typically face various hurdles during the process; decisions need to be made regarding division of assets, living arrangements and many other areas. However, for divorcing parents, the most important decisions to be made are likely those involving the children. After enduring the divorce process, most parents now need to learn how to co-parent their children, with the goal of providing a healthy, happy environment for all involved parties. To help ensure this outcome, parents can keep in mind a few key guidelines.

First and foremost, parents should always keep the best interests of the child in mind. Parents would be wise to remember that the other parent, no matter his or her faults, is still important in the eyes of the child. As well, when a parent begins to date again, it is best to avoid introductions until the relationship becomes serious, as children can become attached quite easily. If the relationship does not continue, disconnection may be difficult.

Financial decisions made during divorce require care

When a Massachusetts couple decide to split, the emotional toll on each party can be overwhelming. However, the effects of poor financial decisions made during the divorce process can be equally as daunting. To prevent a future lifestyle that no one envisioned, a divorcing couple would be wise to carefully consider their options in several financial areas, particularly if their finances are closely intertwined.

For most couples, the family home is one of the most significant assets for which they need to make financial decisions. Either individual may be tempted to stay in the home rather than make another major change during what is already a time of upheaval. As well, the house may be offered in exchange for liquid assets of comparable value - for example, a retirement fund. However, keeping the house is not always a wise decision, according to financial experts, as one will likely find the costs involved in maintaining a house difficult in light of the drop in overall household income.

Massachusetts woman suffers fatal personal injury when hit by SUV

For most people, each day begins with a regular routine, with the hope that it will continue smoothly. No one wants to think about the possibility that something unexpected, or even tragic, will happen, resulting in personal injury. Recently, however, one elderly Massachusetts woman experienced the worst possible tragedy while simply going about her day.

The 80-year-old had just left her apartment complex with her walker. She was likely on her way to buy her regular morning coffee when she bent down beside a white Infiniti SUV to retrieve something. Allegedly, the female driver then suddenly accelerated, running over the woman, and inflicting serious damage to her head and neck, resulting in death.

Military divorce is hard, but not impossible

Military life is already difficult enough as it is, and throwing a divorce into the mix can seriously complicate things. Those going through a military divorce usually have needs and worries that differ from other families in Massachusetts. If you or your spouse is in the military and you are ready to divorce, make sure you understand the challenges that may lay ahead. 

Property division can be complicated when you or your soon-to-be ex is a member of the U.S. armed forces. Figuring out how to properly address military retirement, pensions and benefits is not easy. You will probably need a COAP -- court order for acceptable processing -- to make sure that these and other benefits are issued correctly over time. 

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