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List of Documents To Bring To Initial Consultation with an Attorney at the RONCONE LAW OFFICES, PC

  1. Original or certified copy of civil marriage certificate.
  2. A copy of most recent paycheck stub, and that of spouse if available.
  3. If previously divorced, copies of any court orders, judgments and separation agreements.
  4. Copies of any deeds, and a recent bank statement showing amounts or mortgages on real estate.
  5. Last balance sheet and P & L statement, tax return, buy-sell agreements, etc., from any business interests.
  6. Last statement and descriptive booklet of any employees’ benefits, including pension, retirement, profit-sharing plans, insurance policies.
  7. A description of children’s guardianships, trusts and estates, assets under Uniform Gifts to Minors Act, etc.
  8. A copy of your own and your spouse’s wills, and of any trust either of you have created or in which either has an interest.
  9. Copies of most recent federal and state income tax returns.
  10. Copies of most recent statement of valuation of any pension or retirement plans.
  11. Copies of any credit, debt accounts including auto loans (with balances).