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In situations where violence or harassment is alleged, a protection order may be sought. Restraining orders and harassment prevention orders often prevent contact between two parties whom have been involved in an altercation or harassment. If someone has taken an order out against you, you may be able to fight any permanent issuance of an order with the help of a skilled lawyer.


At the Roncone Law Offices, P.C., our attorneys have a full understanding of the Massachusetts laws that detail restraining orders and harassment prevention orders. Handling cases in Worcester, Fitchburg, Leominster and the surrounding areas, we work closely with our clients to collect all evidence on their behalf to see that the protection order is not extended whenever possible. Contact our office today to discuss your specific case and needs.


Providing Restraining Order Representation

In most domestic violence cases where assault, battery or other violence is alleged, a restraining order may initially be issued temporarily, with the option of seeking a permanent or extended order at some point in the future. Our firm can provide clients representation in cases involving the domestic violence charges, as well as related proceedings that have to do with the restraining order. A restraining order may also be referred to as an order of protection or no-contact order. We also handle cases involving the violation of a restraining order, whether an individual did this intentionally or accidentally, due to his or her lack of knowledge of the specific parameters set forth by the order.


Massachusetts Complex Harassment Prevention Order

Massachusetts recently enacted an anti-harassment statute. Similar to a restraining order, a harassment prevention order may bar an individual from continuing to contact and therefore harass another individual. While there must be a relationship between the two parties to a restraining order, harassment orders do not need to show a relationship, just the proven incidents of harassment.


The Massachusetts statute defines harassment as “three or more acts of willful and malicious conduct aimed at a specific person committed with the intent to cause fear, intimidation, abuse or damage to property and that does in fact cause fear, intimidation, abuse or damage to property; or (A) an act that by force, threat or duress causes another to involuntarily engage in sexual relations; or (B) constitutes a violation of section 13B, 13F, 13H, 22, 22A, 23, 24, 24B, 26C, 43 or 43A of chapter 265 or section 3 of chapter 272.”


Our firm is highly knowledgeable of the statutes and laws that pertain to harassment and can aggressively stand up for your rights if you are facing the threat of a harassment prevention order. As well, violation of a harassment order can result in criminal charges.


Issues Involving Restraining Orders And Harassment Prevention Orders

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