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Often referred to as OUI, DWI or drunk driving, Massachusetts refers to the criminal offense of “drunk driving” as Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs. In Massachusetts, one can be charged criminally with an OUI if they submit to a Breathalyzer or BAT test and produce results of .08 percent or higher. If the results are .08 percent or higher, there is a rebuttable presumption of intoxication. Notwithstanding whether a suspect submits to a Breathalyzer test, an operator of a motor vehicle can still be charged with an OUI if in the arresting officer’s opinion, he or she exhibits signs of intoxication, submits to and fails various field sobriety tests and/or is observed operating a motor vehicle. Oftentimes, Breathalyzer tests are incorrectly given to the accused. Massachusetts has enacted strict standards and protocols for breath test operators to follow in administering a breath test to a suspect. The consequences of failing the test are severe and costly. If the test was administered incorrectly, it may be possible to suppress the results from evidence, thereby strengthening one’s case. The experienced OUI attorneys at the Roncone Law Offices, P.C., have represented numerous clients accused of Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs.



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The central Massachusetts area includes busy highways such as Route 190, Route 290, Route 20, the Mass Pike, I-495, and Route 2. Recently, police departments have set up roadblocks to screen out suspected drunk drivers. It is clearly intimidating to have been pulled over and asked to submit to police interrogation and procedures. In Massachusetts, the implied consent laws can authorize officers to administer field sobriety tests and even Breathalyzer or blood tests. The result of failing these tests can mean a long period of driver’s license suspension. Recently, Massachusetts enacted what has been referred to as Melanie’s Law. The result is tougher penalties and longer suspension periods and possibly even committed jail time. If you are accused or suspected of a drunk driving charge in Massachusetts, you have a constitutional right to an attorney. Obviously, it is crucial to retain an experienced Massachusetts OUI or DUI attorney who will fight to keep your license, as well as avoid the possibilities of incarceration or jail, monetary fines and increased automobile insurance premium costs


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If you have been arrested or accused of a DUI in Massachusetts, contact the attorneys at the Roncone Law Offices, P.C., and speak to an attorney to discuss your potential license consequences, penalties and criminal court process. We have over 50 years of experience defending our clients throughout central Massachusetts and in Worcester County, including the cities and towns of Worcester, Leominster, Fitchburg, Gardner, Ayer, Clinton, Lunenburg, Athol, Sterling and Princeton.


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If you feel as though you are helpless and have no options but to plead guilty, you are not alone. The consequences of not having a driver’s license are more than inconvenience, and the penalties for driving after your license has been suspended for drunk driving involve mandatory jail time. Massachusetts has enacted penalties for convictions of DUI offenses which involve longer license suspensions, and increased fines and penalties with each lifetime offense. If you do not understand what you are facing as a result of being accused of a DWI, our drunk driving attorneys can guide you through the process. Our attorneys have a long record of success in defending OUI clients. Contact us today to discuss your specific case and your options.


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